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BUFFER - Discrete Line Driver

Lovingly and meticulously designed and handmade to keep your instrument's natural tonal quality, signal strength and clarity through even the longest cable lengths and signal chains.
Just like running straight to your amp with a short cable with absolute minimal noise or tonal colouration.
This tiny little "pedal" can end up being the most important part of your setup, giving you consistent signal quality in all kinds of scenarios.
Small enough to squeeze on top or below busy pedalboards, with enclosure measuring just 51x37x31mm.

This pedal is handmade to order with a normal estimated build time of 4-5 weeks. (Build times may vary due to demand).

Reduced cost when purchasing a pair - Which may be advisable for bigger setups with large pedalboards and long cable runs, with one early in the signal chain and another after all pedals and effects. Also for stereo setups.

Custom options and layouts may be available on request.

Get in contact if you have any questions or requests.