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Master output volume level.


Treble / presence / brightness.


Fatness / bass content of drive / pre-gain bass level.


Orange channel gain level - Active when orange Happy Cat’s eyes are lit.


Red channel gain level - Active when red Angry Cat’s eyes are lit.


Variable control for output level of red PURR channel.


Volume/boost level of mid-range focussed pre-drive boost section.

CLAW (previously named "soft")

3-way toggle for frequency and gain response.

UP = Standard      MID = Softer     DOWN = Brighter


3-way toggle for style and threshold of soft clipping.

UP: Standard PURRER diode clipping for open and smooth drive response.

MID = Higher threshold asymmetric LED & diode clipping for cleaner response.

DOWN = Lower threshold asymmetric Mosfet & diode clipping for more saturation.


Engage / True bypass footswitch with NRG quiet switching circuitry, indicated by orange LED.


Footswitch between orange and red PURR channel settings, indicated by the cat’s eyes.


Footswitch to engage/bypass MEOW mode, indicated by pink LED.


6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable input. 


6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable output.


9VDC 2.1mm centre negative power supply input.

The current draw of the NRG PURRER is less than 50mA.

I recommend using a good quality regulated 9VDC power supply to run the PURRER.

  • The NRG PURRER is designed to give natural and dynamic low to medium gain overdrive and boost tones, with the character and dynamics of your guitar, bass and amplifier always intact.

  • You can match the natural tones of your instruments with the PURR (gain) low and tuning the BITE (treble) and MILK (fatness) controls to suit. From there you can then adjust the LOUD (volume) to give full range low gain signal boosts.

  • Increasing the PURR will produce open, smooth and warm overdrives where your core tone remains consistent at all gain levels.

  • Set the two independent PURR controls and footswitch between your different drive gain levels.

  • Adjust the variable LEAP control to set the output level of the red PURR channel, with volume boost and cut available. This gives full control of the volume balance between the PURR channels.

  • The BITE and MILK controls allow for a wide range of tones and responses, so you can shape and fine tune your Purrfect drive tone. 

  • The BITE control allows you to warm up and smooth your tone or add clarity and presence.

  • The MILK control sets the amount of low end pushing the overdrive, ranging from a tight and focused bass response to full and fat drives.

  • Midrange frequencies are not affected by the by the BITE and MILK controls, so you can lower both controls to make the mid frequencies more prominent, or push them high for big open tones with enhanced bass and treble frequencies.

  • The CLAW switch gives three frequency and gain responses to change the feel of the overdrive.

  • The SUPER PURRER adds two additional clipping modes and the footswitchable MEOW mode.

  • MEOW circuitry is carefully tuned for a warm and throaty toned mid-range focussed pre-drive boost which reshapes the tonal response of the PURRER and can push it harder into smooth and singing overdrive.

  • The HAIR switch gives three styles of soft clipping with different thresholds for smooth open overdrive, cleaner higher headroom drive, or low threshold clipping for more saturation and compression.

Every pedal is handmade and hand-painted meaning that each one is individual and will vary slightly cosmetically.

Comes in presentation tin with personalised hand-signed and hand-coloured information sheet.


Please get in CONTACT for further information or custom requests.