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ROARER-mini - Fuzz / Distortion

The ROARER-mini is a streamlined and condensed version of the big Full Colour Series NRG ROARER, pre-set to the normal gain mode and with the ROAR, LOUD & BODY controls.

This beast can create a wide range of extremely characterful warm and hairy drive tones, chunky distortions and BIG BOLD FAT FUZZ.

The BODY (bias) control can go low enough to enable nasty, spitting, gated, synth-like responses at all gain/fuzz levels.

Higher settings of the BODY control create more stable, full and open tones and responses. 

At the heart of ROARER-mini is a pair of “Metal Can” BC109C silicon transistors to create loads of classic and original fuzz tones. Unlike the germanium transistors in many vintage style fuzz pedals, these carefully chosen silicon transistors in the ROARER-mini will deliver consistent tone and performance with normal 9VDC centre negative power supplies and won’t be affected by temperature variation.

The JFET based pre-fuzz section of the circuit means the the ROARER-mini is very happy after buffers, wah pedals and anywhere in your pedal-chain. It also enables much more natural and dynamic low gain tones compared to vintage style fuzz pedals and reacts more like an overdrive to your instruments volume and tone controls.

There is a trim control within the ROARER-mini that works like the FOOD control of the big Full Colour ROARER, setting the voltage feeding the fuzz transistors. This is has been set to give the most natural tone and response, but can be adjusted by the user to give a slightly smoother and more saturated response with less gating available (clockwise), or a bit more attacking and biting response with more gating available (anti-clockwise).

ROAR = Fuzz intensity / gain / distortion.

LOUD = Master output volume level.

BODY = Bias of fuzz transistors / feel / response.

ON = True bypass footswitch with ON status indicate by lit white LED.

IN = 6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable input.

OUT = 6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable output.

9V = 9V DC 2.1mm centre negative power supply input.

The current draw of the ROARER-mini is less than 10mA.

I recommend using a good quality regulated 9V DC power supply.

FOOD = Internal trim control for voltage feeding fuzz transistors.

These pedals are handmade to order and come in presentation tin with a personalised and signed information sheet.

Lovingly and meticulously designed, handmade and hand-wired using premium quality components by Neil R. Grimes in Eastbourne, England.