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ROARER - Fuzz / Distortion


  • The NRG ROARER is designed to give a very wide range of original and classic fuzz and distortion tones, textures and effects. 

  • All the controls and features interact to produce seemingly endless variations of tones, textures, responses and effects - So experiment, tune and tweak to your hearts desire.

  • Unlike many fuzz circuits, the NRG Roarer is designed to perform equally well anywhere in your signal chain with any guitar or bass. It is very happy after buffers and wah pedals and reacts extremely well and naturally to your instrument’s volume and tone controls.


Master output volume level.


Fuzz intensity / gain / attack.

Ranges from warm hairy drive tones, through dynamic chunky distortions, to bold and fat fuzz.


Bias voltage of 2nd BC109C transistor. 

Higher settings give more power and output with less fuzz. 

Lower settings give more fuzz, saturation and compression.


Bias voltage of 1st BC109C transistor.

Higher settings gives more warmth, solidity and stability.

Lower settings give crisper tones with increased spluttering and gating effects.  


Voltage to both BC109C transistors.

Higher settings give more warmth, smoothness and saturation.

Lower settings give clearer and more open tones, to spiky gated effects.


Low-pass-filter control to cut treble frequencies.


High-pass-filter control to cut bass frequencies.


Footswitch to engage boosted mode with more attack, gain and compression. 

WILD mode is indicated by the fun monster eyes lighting pink.


Engages post fuzz distortion clipping.

Centre gives no distortion clipping, for fully open fuzz tones.

Up adds medium distortion clipping, turning some power into more saturation. 

Down adds most distortion clipping, for high levels of saturation and compression.


Selects tonality and response of the boosted WILD mode.

Centre gives naturally open boosted tone with added attack and bite.

Up creates boosted tones with a fatter and woolier response.

Down creates boosted tones with even fatter, wooly and squashy responses.


Frequency range of internal feedback oscillation, which can be engaged and manipulated using external expression pedal.

Centre gives high frequency range, Up gives medium frequency range, and Down gives low frequency range.

Your guitar signal can fight and work with this feedback oscillation to create all kinds of crazy and extreme effects and tone.

The frequency and response of the wailing oscillation is also affected by all the other controls and functions on the ROARER.

But please take care when engaging, as this beast can really HOWL!!!

HOWLER (optional extra)

External Momentary Expression Pedal - available to as a custom addition when ordering the ROARER.

This can be connected to the expression socket of the ROARER, using the supplied handmade TRS cable, to engage and tune the frequency of internal feedback oscillation.


Footswitch to engage and bypass effect. Mechanical true bypass with NRG quiet switching circuitry.


6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable input.


6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable output.


Connection for external expression pedal to engage and control the HOWL internal oscillation.

I recommend using a standard expression pedal with a 10K Linear potentiometer.


9VDC 2.1mm centre negative power supply input.

The current draw of the NRG ROARER is less than 30mA.I recommend using a good quality regulated power supply to run the ROARER.

Every pedal lovingly and meticulously handmade, hand-painted and hand-wired using premium quality components, so each one is individual and will vary slightly cosmetically.

Comes in presentation tin with personalised hand-signed and hand-coloured information sheet.


CONTACT for further information or custom requests.