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PUMPER-072 - High-Headroom Full-Range Booster

The PUMPER uses a TL072 op-amp at its heart, plus internally voltage doubling “charge pump” circuitry to create a high headroom, full range clean boost with no tonal colouration.

The “PUMP” control increases the signal level from unity to over 25dB of boost without changing you core tone.

The new MKII version adds low-pass and high-pass filtering controls, so treble and bass frequencies can be cut to shape the tone.

So the PUMPER works really well after your drive pedals as a master volume boost, but also before driven pedals and amps to push them harder into more saturation, gain and overdrive. 

The new “WARM” and “SLIM” filter controls then allow you to tweak and sculpt the tone and response of the boost.

When engaged with the filter controls turn down, the PUMPER also acts as a buffer/line-driver.

This means it will run long cable lengths without any loss of tonal clarity and signal strength.

PUMP = Boost level / amplifier gain.

WARM = Low-pass filter / treble-cut.

SLIM = High-pass filter / bass-cut.

ON = True bypass footswitch with ON status indicate by lit white LED.

IN = 6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable input.

OUT = 6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable output.

9V = 9V DC 2.1mm centre negative power supply input.

The current draw of the PUMPER-072 is less than 10mA.

I recommend using a good quality regulated 9V DC power supply.


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