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NRG RAWER ROARER - Fuzz / Distortion

Versatile, dynamic, bold and fat fuzz/distortion pedal.

Slimmed down version of the NRG ROARER, with all the same core circuitry and "metal can" BC109C transistors as it's bigger sibling, but with streamlined controls, layout and size.

Lovingly and meticulously designed, handmade, hand-wired and hand-painted by Neil R. Grimes in Eastbourne, England, using all premium quality components.

“Fuzz Monster" hand-painted graphics with LED eyes for status indication.

Robust and trustworthy mechanical true bypass switching with the newly designed NRG switching circuitry to significantly reduce any pops and thumps that can occur when engaging high gain pedals.

Standard 9VDC (centre negative) power supply operation.


Master output volume level.


Fuzz intensity / gain / attack.

Ranges from warm hairy drive tones, through dynamic chunky distortions, to bold and fat fuzz.


Bias voltage of 2nd BC109C transistor. 

Higher settings give more power and output with less fuzz. 

Lower settings give more fuzz, saturation and compression.

MODE = 3 way toggle switch

- CENTRE gives standard lower gain mode. 

- UP gives boosted WILD mode with more gain and attack.

- DOWN gives WILD mode with MANE for fatter and woolier boosted tones.

Gain and fuzz intensity of the ROAR control ranges from vintage style hairy drive tones, through chunky distortions, to big, bold and fat FUZZ!!!

Lots of volume on tap with the LOUD control to give just the right mix, impact or to push your amp really hard.

Unlike many fuzz circuits, the NRG Roarer is designed to perform equally well anywhere in your signal chain with any guitar or bass. It is very happy after buffers and wah pedals and reacts very dynamically and naturally to your guitar’s volume and tone controls.

Every pedal is handmade and hand-painted meaning that each one is individual and will vary slightly cosmetically.

Custom cosmetic, layout and function options may be available on request.

Comes in presentation tin with personalised hand-signed and hand-coloured information sheet.


CONTACT for further information or custom requests.