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The NRG LINKER is an all passive unit designed to give easy connection 

to a wide variety of pedalboard, amplifier and output setups and scenarios:

  • Full standard pedalboard with mono, stereo or passively summed mono outputs.

  • Split pedalboard with “PRE” and “POST” effects separated for different placement before the amp’s input and within the amp’s effects loop, with mono, stereo or passively summed mono effects returns.

  • Extra effects can be added easily between the PRE and POST groups of effects.

  • The NRG LINKER’s self switching sockets mean you simply plug your amp/output setup to the appropriate connections, without needing to re-patch your pedalboard.   

One side gets permanently plumbed into your pedalboard, with the opposite side plugging up to amplifier(s).

This means that the majority of pedal and amp setup scenarios are easily and quickly available without any fuss.

The LINKER can be made either way around, with amplifier connections on the left or the right side. Select your preferred orientation in the drop down menu.

Lovingly and meticulously designed, handmade handmade and hand-wired using premium quality parts by Neil R. Grimes in Eastbourne, England.


CONTACT for further information or custom requests.