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NRG DUCKER - Analogue Tremolo & Tonal Modulator

Wide ranging analogue LFO with six distinct wave shapes and optional expression pedal controlled LFO rate.

Multiple wave shape modulated amplitude, low-pass filter or both for simultaneous volume and tonal modulation.

Manual triggering of full depth drops, with variable and dynamic hold and rise responses.

Responds to amplitude or tonal mode and even works when tremolo LFO is bypassed.

Transparent preamp with adjustable boost and low cut controls, to fine tune the volume balance and tone.

Hand-painted Duck graphics with LED eyes for indication of signal modulation. 

Lovingly and meticulously designed, handmade, hand-wired and hand-painted by Neil R. Grimes in Eastbourne, England, using premium quality components.

Standard 9VDC (centre negative) power supply operation.

KICK = Preamp gain boost

LEAN = Cut of bass frequencies being boosted by KICK 

DUCK = Depth and intensity of LFO modulation

MODE = 3 position effect mode toggle switch:

- TREM = Full frequency amplitude/volume modulation

- BOTH = Simultaneous volume and tonal modulation

- TONE = Low-pass filter modulation


WAVE = 6 position wave shape rotary switch:

- Triangle

- Sawtooth

- Reverse Sawtooth

- Square

- Wide Pulse

- Narrow Pulse

FLAP = LFO rate, from slow modulation speeds to fast

Sets minimum rate when external expression pedal is used

ENGAGE = Footswitch to turn on and off the analogue LFO 

Indicated by large white pulsing LED

SINK = Momentary footswitch triggering full depth drops of volume and/or tone 

Hold, rise and fade times respond dynamically to length of time held down

HOLD = Dynamic response of the SINK function footswitch

RISE = 3 position toggle switch for fading rise time of SINK function:

- Medium

- Fast

- Slow

Every pedal is handmade and hand-painted, meaning that each one is individual and will vary slightly cosmetically.

Comes in presentation tin with personalised hand-signed and hand-coloured information sheet.


CONTACT for further information or custom requests.