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The Monochrome Double incorporates any two NRG Effects Monochrome Series effects of your choice into one enclosure, wired in series (1st running into the 2nd).

The 1st toggle switch allows you to choose the order of the effects, which can make a significant difference to how the effects interact with each other. 

The SEND and RETURN sockets can be used to insert other pedals between the two effects within the Monochrome Double, or to separate each effect when using a pedalboard switching system.


Effects order toggle switch - Switch towards the effect you wish to have first in the signal chain.

Order will also be switched when SEND and RETURN function is used.


Main input (input to 1st effect) - 6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable.


Main output (output from 2nd effect) - 6.35mm (1/4”) mono jack cable.


9V DC 2.1mm centre negative power supply input.

The current draw of the Monochrome Double is less than 30mA.

I recommend using a good quality regulated 9V DC power supply.


Output from 1st effect - Linked to RETURN when not used.


Input to 2nd effects - Linked to SEND when not used.

These pedals are custom handmade to order with the two Monochrome Series pedals of your choice.

To specify the two Monochrome Series pedals you wish to have within your Monochrome Double, please add a note to your order stating two of the following:

PURRER-mini (Natural Toned Overdrive)

PUMPER-072 (High-Headroom Clean Boost)

GNAWER-308 (Modified Vintage Style Distortion)

ROARER-mini (Fuzz / Distortion)

HUMPER-4558 (Midrange Focussed Clean Boost)

KICKER-5457 (JFET Boost / Tone Enhancer)

POKER-BC107 * (Vintage Style Frequency Boost)

*Please note that any combinations involving the POKER-BC107 will NOT have an order switch, as this particular effects needs to "see" your guitar directly and therefore be placed first in the signal chain.

These lovingly and meticulously handmade pedals come with a personalised packaging tin and information sheet and have a two year limited warranty.

Please get in CONTACT for further information or custom requests.


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